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Our commitment to Asia Pacific’s small businesses

To ensure that opportunities to learn new skills are equitable, we’ll continue to support nonprofits across the region. Since 2019, through our Google.org philanthropic arm, we’ve contributed over $11 million in grants that support underserved MSMEs. We have provided grant funding to help Youth Business International reach more than 180,000 entrepreneurs through its Rapid Response and Recovery Program, as well as to The Asia Foundation — which is working with its partners to train more than 225,000 people through the Go Digital ASEAN initiative, endorsed by the ASEAN Coordinating Committee on MSMEs.

Helping MSMEs in underserved parts of the region will continue to be a major priority — including $4 million in Google.org support for The Asia Foundation, which will expand Go Digital ASEAN with new training programs, including green skills, cybersecurity and financial planning.


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