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Road Trip with Kehlani

For many, the car is a sacred, peaceful place to reset while on the road. That’s certainly true for Kehlani, the American singer, songwriter and dancer whose music has united fans around the world. Today, Kehlani brings their love for the journey to Waze.

Fans can join Kehlani for a ride that takes them up close and personal to the artist, as Kehlani reveals personal stories from the road, how they set the mood in the car and of course, what making music means to them.

“Growing up, listening to music in the car on road trips was my favorite way to connect to my thoughts,” Kehlani says. “I’m honored to partner with Waze and bring that same sense of peace to other drivers, wherever they are on their personal and physical journeys.”

​​To dive even deeper into the world of Kehlani, drivers can choose from two Moods that are inspired by Kehlani’s own music and road-trip musts. Flowing Mood, which encapsulates the emotion of their latest album, Blue Water Road, and the Captivating Mood, representing the camera Kehlani always keeps nearby. (You never know what you’ll discover on the road).

Hop into Kehlani’s signature vehicle, El Kehmino (inspired by their own ‘81 El Camino), and begin clearing your mind — one turn at a time.

To keep the party going in the car, Kehlani also curated a Spotify playlist that you can stream through the Waze Audio Player, for the ultimate mix of music to set the vibe while you ride together on Waze.

The experience on Waze launches June 6 and is available for a limited time with voice navigation in English. Visit Waze or tap “My Waze” in your app to find the “Drive with Kehlani” banner.


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