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New for Pixel: Music videos, vaccine cards and more

You’ll also get great audio quality wherever you are with noise reduction on Google Meet. The Google Meet noise reduction feature filters out background noises like traffic or a dog barking, so you’re heard clearly no matter your surroundings. No need for a workplace account, this feature is available to all Pixel users.

More helpful features for more Pixel users

As shared at I/O, Real Tone Filters are now live in Google Photos. These filters were created in partnership with professional image makers and evaluated using the Monk Skin Tone Scale and are designed to work well across skin tones. Give it a try on your Pixel by going to Google Photos, where you’ll find ‘filters’ under the edit menu.

We’re also expanding existing features to more regions, languages and devices. Car Crash Detection will now be available in Canada for Pixel 3 and later (excluding Pixel 3a). Check out g.co/pixel/carcrashdetection for country and language availability. Chat translation in messages will now be available in Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Korean, Thai, Turkish for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. See g.co/pixel/livetranslate for details on availability in your country.


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