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Celebrating news partners in the Asia Pacific

In Korea, Busan Daily used funding from the Innovation Challenge to improve the way they used data to understand their audience. These are just a few of the great examples we heard on how this program has helped publishers.

Continuing our support for news with new products and tools

The GNI Global Summit featured an update on Google News Showcase, our new product experience and licensing program for news, which aims to help publishers engage more deeply with their readers and to help readers find, follow and support news organizations. Since it launched in October 2020, we’ve signed deals with more than 1,000 news publications around the world, including in India, Japan and Australia.

We also announced new features coming to Google Search that help readers find content from local publishers even more easily than before. We’re expanding a feature that we initially launched for COVID searches, so readers will soon see a carousel of local news stories when Google finds local news coverage relevant to their query. This carousel will be available globally.

There are so many great stories from publishers around the world, as well as updates on our ongoing support for the new ecosystem, in the GNI blog collection.


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