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Community and mentorship help women entrepreneurs thrive

EngageRocket is one of 10 recent graduates from the APAC Women Founders Academy Program by Google for Startups. During this 12-week program, the founders received training and mentoring from Googlers across the region to help sharpen their leadership skills and address their unique growth needs, including funding. All the participants highlighted the important role of communities and mentors in helping them gain knowledge, overcome mental barriers and build confidence.

Many of them noted that to build true equity, it’s important to look past gender divides and recognise people’s achievements as entrepreneurs and professionals, not only as women. Dorothy wholeheartedly agrees. Today, 50% of EngageRocket’s senior management team are women, all of them working mothers. As a leader, she is determined to build an open, flexible company culture that empowers everyone to balance their priorities – both at work and in their personal lives.

At Google, we’re committed to helping more women like Dorothy grow and thrive in business. We know it’s one of the most powerful steps we can take to create new jobs and opportunities, advance equality, and contribute to an inclusive economic recovery that will benefit us all.


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