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Matter is now available on Google Nest and Android devices

So what does this mean for people using Google Home and Android? Here are answers to common questions we get about Matter.

What does this mean for your devices today?

Matter-enabled Google devices are ready to connect to Matter devices from other brands. These Google Nest and Android devices have been automatically updated, so you don’t need to do anything.

With Matter, you will need a hub to control your smart devices. If you want to control your smart home with Google Home, you’ll need a Google Home or Nest device that can double as a hub for Matter. These devices include the original Google Home speaker, Google Home Mini, Nest Mini, Nest Audio, Nest Hub (1st and 2nd gen), Nest Hub Max, and the new Nest Wifi Pro.

Matter-enabled devices can connect to your home network over Wi-Fi or Thread — a networking technology that’s helpful when you need a low-power connection, like when connecting smart locks on your front door. We’ve also updated Nest Wifi Pro, Nest Hub Max and the Nest Hub (2nd gen) to work as Thread border routers, so you can connect Thread devices to your network too.

With this update, we’ve added Matter support for Fast Pair on Android. Fast Pair makes it simple to quickly connect Matter-enabled devices to your home network, Google Home and other smart home apps, as quickly as you can pair a set of headphones. And once set up, it’ll be easy to connect your Matter devices with the other apps and ecosystems you choose.


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