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Special delivery! New Android features this holiday season

As we use our smartwatches to get more done, Wear OS tiles make it easy to see important information at a glance. You can already use the Google Maps tile to start navigating to your home or office from anywhere. And now, we’re adding new tiles to help you get more things done from your watch — like getting in touch with your favorite contacts and viewing sunrise and sunset times to plan your day.

We’ve also updated the Google Keep app on Wear OS so your notes and to-dos written on your phone will look just as good on your watch. View labels and collaborators to stay organized. Custom backgrounds, photos and drawings make it easy to see what’s important to you, whether you’re checking your notes on your phone or your watch.

And something I’ve been particularly waiting for – over the next week, you can use Google Assistant to quickly jump into more than 30 types of exercises with the adidas Running app. Just say “Hey Google, start a run with adidas Running” and the app will open and start tracking your workout, noting your speed, distance and heart rate via the built-in sensor on your smartwatch.


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