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How to restore a browser window you just closed by accident

Most browser tabs are full of good intentions, from articles you meant to finish reading to emails deserving of a reply. And it makes sense to feel anxiety over accidentally losing them: One wrong click or errant keystroke and you might trigger an extinction-level event on your precious tabs.

Chrome users, thankfully, have a built-in safety net designed to instantly reverse this panic-inducing outcome. Follow these simple steps to restore a recently closed browser window — and all of your tabs with it — that you may have shut by mistake:

  1. Click the three dots in the top right corner of an open Chrome window.
  2. Hover over “History.”
  3. Click the first option on the drop-down menu under “Recently Closed” to open the last window you shut. (If a recently closed window had multiple tabs, the number of tabs will show in the drop-down menu.)
  4. Click on “Restore Window.”

To make this process even simpler, you can use the keyboard shortcut Control/Command + Shift + T, which will bring up a window of all the tabs you just closed out.


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