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9 new features and tools for easier shopping on Google

Shopping isn’t just about buying. It’s also about exploring your options, discovering new styles and trends, and researching to make sure you’re getting the right product at the right price. Today at our annual Search On event, we announced nine new ways we’re transforming the way you shop with Google, bringing you a more immersive, informed and personalized shopping experience.

Powering this experience is the Shopping Graph, our AI-enhanced model that now understands more than 35 billion product listings — up from 24 billion just last year.

Let’s browse through all these new features and tools:

More visual ways to shop

1. Search with the word “shop”: Today we’re introducing a new way to unlock the shopping experience on Google. In the U.S., when you search the word shop” followed by whatever item you’re looking for, you’ll access a visual feed of products, research tools and nearby inventory related to that product. We’re also expanding the shoppable search experience beyond apparel to all categories — from electronics to beauty — and more regions on mobile (and coming soon to desktop).


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