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Helping members of the military community find meaningful civilian careers

Fast forward one year, how does it feel to be a Googler?

Chris: It feels great! It’s an incredible place to be, and I think the aspect that I’m most enthused about is how supportive, transparent and energizing the company culture has been. I’ve enjoyed the support VetNet has offered, whether it’s through events like Career Week to guide the post-military transition process, or simple social hours where we’ve all just bonded over shared experiences in the military and at Google.

Tony: Admittedly, I didn’t match with the first team that interviewed me, but it was a blessing in disguise. My current team in Android security is a perfect fit for my skill set and managerial style. I couldn’t be happier!

Why do you think events like this are so important for the military communities and their families?

Jenna: I think it’s important because it shows support towards veterans in a very real and helpful way. There is a ton of opportunity out there, and veterans have the skills — it’s just those skills need to be translated, and that requires commitment on both sides.

Tony: It’s hard to leave an organization that so thoroughly affects all aspects of your life. VetNet Career Week helps really demonstrate caring and support for the military community that’s uncommon outside of the military.

Chris: Probably the most important aspect, for me, was just seeing how many people had made similar transitions and how many well regarded companies valued a veteran’s experience. I’m grateful for the time that the Googler I chatted with invested in my resume review and supporting my transition from the military.


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