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Advancing security across Central and Eastern Europe

Securing high-risk users

Throughout this war, there has been no shortage of news around targeted cyber attacks aimed at high profile individuals in this region. Our Threat Analysis Group has provided regular updates on this activity, and worked diligently to alert users, organizations and governments through our government-backed attacker warnings.

To help address these threats, our high-risk user team conducted workshops throughout the region for dozens of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), publishers and journalists, including groups and individuals sanctioned by the Kremlin. We distributed around 1,000 security keys – the strongest form of authentication – and trained over 30 high risk user groups on account security. We also launched, in collaboration with Jigsaw, the Protect Your Democracy Toolkit, which provides free tools and expertise to democratic institutions and civil society.

We heard directly from high-risk organizations like the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, the International Center for Ukrainian Victory, NGOs supporting refugees and exiled activists, and leading publishers across Europe who told us just how critical Google’s no-cost security tools, like the Advanced Protection Program and Project Shield, are to keeping them safe online. We are grateful for their valuable insights to inform future product development.


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