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Meta Boost Guide to Green: Helping SMBs Grow Sustainably

In celebration of Earth Day, we are announcing the launch of Meta Boost Guide to Green in Italy, our global sustainability training program for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 

In collaboration with the SME Climate Hub, Legambiente and Giovani Imprenditori Confcommercio, we have created workshops and training resources to help SMBs take climate action and reduce their carbon footprint, with a particular focus on restaurants, hotels and food producers. This launch is part of the continued expansion of the Meta Boost Guide to Green program, currently active in France, Spain and the UK. 

“Climate change is the greatest threat we all face — and the need to act grows more urgent every day. That’s why we are proud to work with SME Climate Hub, Legambiente and Giovani Imprenditori Confcommercio to launch our sustainability program for small and medium enterprises in Italy. We have always believed that small businesses are the beating heart of our economies. Together, we can help them become the beating heart of a more sustainable future.”

– Luca Colombo, Country Director of Meta in Italy

Small and medium businesses across the EU make up 99.7% of all EU enterprises, and 66% of total EU employment. Although SMBs drive economic growth and development, they also have a high environmental footprint, accounting for up to 70% of EU industrial pollution.

Given that 77% of consumers in EMEA consider how sustainable a brand is before trying it, embracing the green transition is an important step for the future of small businesses. 

In Italy, 9 out of 10 people are aware of the seriousness of the environmental situation and 32% of families consider the sustainability of products as the main driver of choice when purchasing food. Moreover, more than 900,500 people in Italy are part of at least one of the 11,411 Facebook groups dedicated to the discovery, protection and enhancement of the environment.

Meta is also committed to protecting our environment, as we have set an ambitious goal to reach net zero emissions across our value chain in 2030. Learn more about how we’re doing our part, as well as simple, yet impactful ways people can take action against climate change. 


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