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Fi unlimited plans now start at $20

We’re adding more high-speed data, too — an increase from from 22 GB to 50 GB per month. And we’re including unlimited calling within Canada and Mexico at no extra cost, so data, calls and texts within the U.S., Canada and Mexico will be included in your plan.

With Unlimited Plus, you’ll continue to get all the same features as Simply Unlimited, plus unlimited high-speed hotspot tethering, the ability to use your data on up to four additional devices with data-only SIMs at no extra cost and 100 GB of cloud storage with Google One. You also get international calls to 50+ destinations and international data abroad in 200+ destinations.

Flexible — if you use less data or lots of Wi-Fi

The Flexible plan will continue to help you save if you use less data, at $17 per month per line for four lines for unlimited calls and text, plus $10 per GB for data at home and abroad. We’re also adding unlimited calling within Canada and Mexico at no extra cost.

With the Flexible plan, you’ll continue to only pay for the data you use at home and abroad in 200+ destinations. You’ll still get unlimited calls and texts as well as hotspot tethering, plus you can use your data on up to four other devices with data-only SIMs at no extra cost.

Peace of mind and helpful features at no extra cost

No matter which plan you choose, you’ll get fast coverage, including nationwide 5G for supported phones and helpful features — all at no extra cost. For instance, if you’re a parent, one of your biggest concerns might be your child’s safety. Our privacy and security features include spam blocking, a built-in VPN and end-to-end encrypted calls for Android phones on Fi to protect your family’s personal information. And family features allow you to block contact from strangers, set data budgets, share your location with family members and more.

With Fi you’re never locked into contracts, and you can cancel anytime. You can join right from home without having to walk into a store, and you can easily switch between plans so you have room to grow if your needs change.

To celebrate this launch, for a limited time, you can save up to $500 on select phones or get $100 in Fi bill credit if you bring your own phone, when you join or add a line. Terms apply, and you can read more about them on our website.

To explore Fi plans and find the best and most affordable option for you, visit fi.google.com/about/plans.


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