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12L: A new look for Android’s larger screens

Tablets and foldables are my favorite devices for content and productivity. The large, portable screens are easy on the eyes and the perfect way to watch a movie, answer emails or video chat.

On tablets, we introduced Kids Space and Entertainment Space for the whole family to watch content, and spotlighted apps to stay connected, entertained and productive. And on foldables, we brought the best of Google to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G devices.

Today we’re introducing 12L, an update to Android 12 with features that will make tablets and foldables simpler and easier to use.

A new layout for easier viewing

The bigger the screen, the more space there is for relevant information. With 12L, we’re optimizing the display for the home screen, lock screen, notification shade, device set-up screens, settings and beyond, so they look even better on tablet and foldable screens.

For example, we heard from you that the most common reason for swiping down to your notification shade is to check and clear your notifications. On 12L, we moved notifications and quick tiles to their own dedicated columns to give you more space to view and swipe away your notifications.


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