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Honoring Stephen Hawking’s scientific legacy

British Doodler Matthew Cruickshank created the two-minute video Doodle animation, taking people on a journey from Hawking’s early years right into outer space. The challenge, according to Cruickshank, was bringing such a body of work together creatively, from black holes to the Big Bang, as well as theories on the origins and mechanics of the universe.

In the Doodle, the voice of Hawking was generated and used to narrate some of his most impactful quotes with a chronological look at his life and legacy. With guidance from his family and estate, the Doodle also plays with Hawking’s humour, love of animation and gaming.

Continue the exploration on Google Arts & Culture

Alongside the Doodle, the Google Arts & Culture Institute is celebrating Stephen Hawking with a new exhibition available to view from today.

Meet the man who changed our understanding of the universe, courtesy of interactive information about his life and work.

Hawking’s legacy

Hawking’s theories on the origins and nature of the universe revolutionised modern physics, while his best-selling books made the field widely accessible to millions of readers worldwide. To many, Hawking’s astronomical impact is so widely recognised, it changed how the world understands the universe.


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