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Social Trends Shaping the Future of Business

  • Meta leaders in Europe, Middle East and Africa share their outlook on the trends shaping the future of business.

2021 was the year we realised the changes brought on by the first global pandemic of the digital age are here to stay. We’re seeing technologies like augmented and virtual reality being used to create a sense of presence, moving from experimental to mainstream. And for businesses and creators, it has meant new ways of connecting with customers and audiences online.

We think the next computing platform, the metaverse, will be the biggest opportunity for modern business since the creation of the internet. It will add a new level of immersive creativity and innovation for every entrepreneur, business, and creator to pursue their passion, connect with people and create value.

Earlier this month we shared how brands can start planning for this future, now. Like learning from, and collaborating with, Creators who will be pivotal to building for the metaverse; taking advantage of AR & VR as we step into this new world, tapping into new more immersive ways of doing commerce and understanding how personalisation will continue to play a key role in customer value.

The Future of Marketing

Having worked for leading brands including Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser and Nestle, and now as our Director of Customer Marketing, Carrie has a deep understanding of brand marketing. During this session, Carrie looks at how marketing is evolving in this age of digitisation and why personalisation and purpose will be crucial to how brands interact with their customers.

Meta’s Commerce Priorities

Accelerated by the pandemic, the shift to online, social first shopping is here to stay, and we’re on a multi-year journey to build a fully-fledged commerce platform. Hear from Beth Horn, EMEA Product Marketing Lead, about where Meta is focusing its commerce efforts. Get an update on how businesses can leverage the latest shopping innovations across our technologies to reach new customers and drive more sales.

Evolution of Creators

Hear from our Partnerships expert, Caroline Drucker, as she looks back at the evolution of creators across our social platforms, and the role the metaverse will play in developing new opportunities for content creators and brands. She will provide insight into the products we’re building that encourage partners to Express, Inspire, Connect and Grow, and share tips for brands and marketers as they look to maximise creativity across our technologies. 

Brands in the Metaverse

The creative opportunities for brands to connect with people and culture are multiplying exponentially as new technologies provide richer canvases for us to tell human stories. Caitlin, VP of Creative Shop in EMEA, outlines how brands should build for what exists today, but experiment with what’s emerging because the journey to the metaverse means creativity will matter more than ever as businesses adapt to create value in surprising ways. 


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