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That’s a wrap: Tips on keeping holiday gifts organized

Because I have an enormous family and am the type of person who squirrels away random gifts over the course of the year, holiday gift giving can get disorganized to say the least. Last year, I decided to stop simply trying to write down my list and keep track of gift shopping and delivering by hand. In lieu of these mental gymnastics, I added some structure to the whole endeavor. And now, ahead of the holiday shopping season, I’m sharing my system with you.

Start the hunt with Google Shopping

Whenever I get an idea for a gift, I’ll head to Google Shopping and search for an item, select the product page and check typical prices across the web to see if I should grab it now or wait. If the price is high or I’m not quite ready to make a decision, I turn on “Track price” so I’ll get a notification if it drops.


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