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Building enterprise trust and security with Android 12

Android 11 brought the same work profile privacy features from employee-owned devices to company-owned devices. For Android 12, we’ve added additional controls to help enterprise IT teams reduce security risks and ensure tighter monitoring of business data.

A key addition is network logging for the work profile, to give organizations added control and reporting for their work data, while still protecting user privacy in the personal profile.

We’re also empowering IT to decide what input method editors (IMEs) employees can use in their personal profiles to reduce the risk of using a rogue keyboard that could capture data on the device. IT will also have the ability to disable USB signaling for anything but charging, reducing the risk of USB-based attacks.

Historically, IT admins enforced strict password requirements, forcing users to create highly-complex passwords that were hard to remember. Employees have sometimes resorted to writing down these complicated passwords or they’ve forgotten them altogether, leading to factory resets. Thanks to hardware security improvements that prevent brute-force attacks, these kinds of passwords aren’t needed anymore.

Admins can now easily set password requirements that meet modern security best practices by choosing between pre-set password complexity levels. This will help users and administrators find balance between security and simplicity. We’ve also made it easier for users to set up a separate password for their work profile. Read our newest report, Simplifying Password Quality in Android 12, to learn more.


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