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Hispanic Heritage Month: What it means to be here today

Today we kick off Hispanic Heritage Month, a month-long exploration of the Latino experience in the United States. For me my culture serves as inspiration for my work as a visual designer for Google Shopping, as a small business owner and as a working artist. My parents immigrated to the United States from Huejotitan, Jalisco, to San José, California, where I was born. Growing up my family and I would sometimes make the trek by car from San José to Guadalajara to visit family. Each trip meant I got to collect colorful trinkets, devour candy and make new memories that inspire my art everyday. The nostalgia of these experiences combined with my parents’ struggle to thrive in the US are the filters that color my work in and outside of Google. As a first generation college graduate and Chicano, it is my privilege and responsibility to share and celebrate my culture with new generations, and amplify the stories about my community the world has yet to hear.

I invite you to take a moment to honor, learn and reflect about the impact and contributions Latinos continue to make in America everyday. Here are some of the ways Google is honoring our legacy and spotlighting our bright future.


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