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Zooming in on an easier way to explore on Search

We know what it’s like to start searching for something on Google, but not really know what you’re looking for — or the best way to find it. So today, we’re making it even easier to dive deeper and explore topics that are related to a search.

Topics help you explore

You’re probably familiar with how you can use filters to see just videos, news, images or shopping results on Google Search. We’ll now show an easy-to-scroll list of related topics alongside these filters at the top of the search results page to help you drill down or discover something new about a specific topic. You can add or remove topics, which are designated by a + symbol, to quickly zoom in or backtrack on a search.

For example, if you’re searching for “dinner ideas,” you might see topics like “healthy” or “easy.” Tapping on a topic adds it to your query, helping you quickly refine your search results with less typing. Topics are dynamic and will change as you tap, giving you more options and helping you explore new areas. For example, if you tapped on “healthy,” you might see “vegetarian” or “quick” appear next.


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