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Tune in at any age with Google TV kids profiles

As a dad to a toddler, kids profiles on Google TV have been a life-saver in my house. My son has his own space to watch his favorite movies and shows like “Paw Patrol.” I can also decide what apps he watches, set ratings for him and manage his screen time.

But I know how I use kids profiles will change as my son gets older. We’ve learned that families have different preferences depending on the age of their kids. So today, we’re introducing three features that make kids profiles even better for the whole family, no matter what age your kids are.

Parent-managed watchlists

Have you ever been looking for something to watch and see a movie or show your kids might love? Now you can watchlist it for them. With parent-managed watchlists on kids profiles, you can create a “must-watch” list for your kids directly from your own profile. Just click on the movie or show, press the watchlist button and select your kids profile watchlist. The next time your kids are watching TV, their watchlist will be waiting for them right on their kids profile’s home screen.


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