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Immerse Yourself in Halloween Horror on Meta Quest

Today, we’re sharing more shows, movies and experiences on Meta Quest to help you get spooked this Halloween in virtual reality (VR). Earlier this month, we updated our Haunted Headsets list, which is jam-packed with VR games to help you celebrate this season in spine-chilling style.


  • BlackBoxTV Presents: Scream Park: Scream Park hits the sweet spot for both horror aficionados and adrenaline junkies. BlackBoxTV is back with four new episodes for Halloween 2022. Starring Grace Van Dien of Stranger Things fame, this thrill-ride horror show will have you defying the laws of physics on the most dangerous quest of your life. And now through October 21, you can go on a terrifying adventure with Scream Park’s Toby Terrific in Venues in Horizon Worlds.
  • Eli Roth’s Haunted House: Trick-VR-Treat: Written and directed by Eli Roth and presented by Crypt TV together with Meta, Eli Roth’s Haunted House: Trick-VR-Treat is a 30-minute, 180-degree VR experience starring Vanessa Hudgens and Will Sasso. You can catch the premiere event October 21 at 6:00 pm PT in Horizon Worlds, or watch it on-demand on Meta Quest TV. If you don’t have a Quest headset, you can still watch the short film on Facebook and Instagram.
  • NOPE World by Monkeypaw Productions: Explore Haywood Ranch, discover hidden Easter eggs from the film and whatever you do… don’t look up. Check out our launch blog post to learn more.
  • Tokyo Case: This two-part, 360-degree short Japanese horror film is taking Meta Quest TV by storm. Episode 1 is available now, and Episode 2 launches October 21.
  • Meta Horizon Worlds Drive-In: Experience a Halloween-themed drive-in movie streaming a collection of monster horror flicks from Crypt TV.
  • Alien Apocalypse: A 360-degree VR video based on H.G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds.
  • The Monster Challenge: Find Springtrap, Pennywise, Michael Myers and the Slender Man before they find you.
  • Pennywise the Dancing Clown: Everyone’s favorite clown is just dying to meet you in VR. Filmed on location at the Derry Festival and Funhouse in Derry, Maine.

We’ve also teamed up with Universal Pictures to launch a spooky and fun-filled Messenger chat experience, giving horror fans the opportunity to build their own custom Halloween Reels. To access the #KillerReels experience on either Messenger or Instagram, head to the Halloween Movie Facebook Page and click Send Message to begin a chat. On Instagram, send a DM to @HalloweenMovie.

See the full lineup of Halloween fun on Quest, and learn more about the #KillerReels challenge.


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