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Googlers for climate: meet Lisa Arendt

Based in Zürich, Lisa is Product Partnerships Manager for Maps. She helps partners to integrate their charging station locations into Google Maps, which makes recharging as seamless as possible for e-drivers.

And by seamless, she means that charging should be as easy, safe and reliable as it is with petrol- or diesel-powered cars.

She grew up in a small village near Schwerin, where she still goes to unwind. “There were no buses there. Just one empty street and maybe 20 houses. It’s the kind of place where you had to make do with a bicycle,” she says.

She doesn’t even own a car. “In Zürich, you just don’t need one.” But today, she owns three bicycles: “A mountain bike for taking a spin in the countryside, a fast racing bike and an old city bike that I won’t miss if it gets stolen”, she says, laughing.

Lisa is always looking for the best way to get around — not just in her free time, but also at work.

The first big step was to display charging stations on Google Maps, making it easier for drivers to find the nearest charging station. The next step is smart route planning, which Volvo, for example, has already integrated into its vehicles.


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