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What it’s like to have a hybrid internship at Google

After three virtual college semesters, I felt like a fish out of water applying for summer internships. My networking and interviewing skills were rusty, and as a first-generation college student without access to career prep resources, I felt totally unprepared for the job application process. I didn’t know what role I wanted, where to apply or how to write my resume. So I joined a professional development program for underrepresented talent, where I spent hours in workshops, interview prep sessions and meetings with my career coach.

Inspired by a lecture on battling imposter syndrome and the power of believing in yourself, I built up the confidence to apply to Google. I trusted the process and kept my best foot forward, and before I knew it, I was in my first round of interviews for Google’s communications team. Not long afterward, I was walking through the doors of Google’s New York City campus on my first day as an intern.

This year’s interns are the first to participate in Google’s hybrid work week and the first to go into Google’s offices since early 2020. The hybrid schedule has helped me embrace the best of both worlds — from connecting with my teammates over lunch at the office to focusing on projects in the comfort of my home. Through this hybrid experience, and especially as a member of the communications team, I’ve learned how important it is to ask questions, stay connected and engage thoughtfully.

A big part of my role at Google is seeking out and sharing stories about our culture, products and people — including my fellow interns. So in celebration of International Intern Day today, I asked a few of them to share more about their hybrid internship experiences and their proudest accomplishments so far. Here’s what I learned.


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