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Powering discovery and trial with Immersive Stream for Games

Growing up, I faced a big decision every year — which new video game would I put on my birthday list? I could rarely try out a new game before buying it, so this was always a risky (and stressful) choice.

Within the past decade, though, internet-connected devices have made those choices a lot easier by helping us quickly discover new games and entertainment. With cloud gaming in particular, players can try out a new adventure in just one click — without waiting for downloads or installs.

Immersive Stream for Games, Google’s cloud gaming technology, powers both our Stadia gaming platform and publishers’ ability to deliver games directly to their players. And today, Immersive Stream for Games is supporting world-renowned publisher Capcom with their launch of a cloud demo for their award-winning survival horror game, Resident Evil Village. More players than ever can now try the game in seconds on Capcom’s website via their computer browser, compatible smartphone or tablet at no additional cost. Explore Castle Dimitrescu and its mysterious Village within the demo for as long as you want, and as many times as you dare…


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