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Google News Showcase launches in Romania

With this new experience, we give publishers a variety of News Showcase panel templates to use to give additional context to stories and add related articles, timelines and more. The panels give news publishers more direct control of their presentation and branding, helping them be more visible to their dedicated readers and to those who are just discovering them.

News Showcase panels can appear on Google News and Discover, and direct readers to the full articles on publishers’ websites, helping them deepen their relationships with readers. In addition to the revenue that comes directly from these more engaged readers, participating publishers will receive monthly licensing payments from Google.

“We are glad to sign this partnership for Google News Showcase as a new way to deliver trustworthy, fact-checked and original content to the public,” says Andrei Bereanda, Head of Digital, ProTV, the Romanian television station whose news website stirileprotv.ro offers national and global news. “ProTV Digital salutes and encourages any type of investment in quality mass media and we remain dedicated to helping readers and viewers get verified information easily and clearly, and on as many platforms as possible. Investing in trustworthy information for the general public is one of the best long-term investments in this day and age.”

“We are delighted to share our expertise and editorial voice through a modern visual experience such as Google News Showcase,” says Alina Gheorghiescu, Digital Marketing Manager, Wall-Street, a national business news company. “Wall-Street.ro is glad to be part of this product launch in Romania and proud to be selected as one of the first Romanian news outlets to deliver our quality content daily. We expect Google News Showcase to drive high-value traffic directly to our website, increase engagement with our users and help us develop a closer connection with our readers.”

Since we launched News Showcase in October 2020, we’ve signed deals with more than 1,500 news publications around the world and have launched in 16 countries: India, Japan, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Austria, the U.K., Australia, Czechia, Italy, Colombia, Argentina, Canada, Ireland, Slovakia, Poland and now Romania, bringing more in-depth, essential news coverage to Google News and Discover users.


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