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Expanding our commitments to supplier diversity

The impact of our work

Across Google, our teams have been working to bring our supplier diversity investments and commitments to life.

Speedy access to cash and capital is often critical for many of our diverse suppliers. Through our Accelerated Payments Program, we’re ensuring eligible suppliers are paid within 15 days. This provides companies like Chime Solutions, located in Morrow, Georgia, Philadelphia-based Ladipo Group and Miami-based Republica Havas with more working capital to keep their businesses running.

In our work with San Ramon, California-based R Mo Diversity Solutions, we’ve established a Certification Access program that provides financial support and removes the administrative burden many suppliers face when pursuing diversity certification. As a result, we’ve seen businesses like C-Suite coach in New York — who we contract with for our Grow with Google Digital Coaches program — to secure NMSDC, WBENC and NGLCC certification.

We’re continuing to find innovative ways to remove barriers, this includes encouraging existing suppliers to partner and create alliances with diverse-owned businesses. We’re excited to see companies like CD Moody, Black-owned construction company based in Atlanta, in partnership with Holder Construction become a major supplier for data center projects in Virginia and Ohio. As a supplier partner for our data center retrofit program, CD Moody now has access to a wide range of data center construction opportunities with other companies beyond Google.


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